Sunday, September 16, 2007

Latest Creation

I love taking on-line classes. Recently I signed up for two classes at the same time, not usually a good idea for someone with time constraints, but this time it worked well because I was able to combine the effort into one doll! The doll itself is "The Charmed One" by Sherry Goshon. Like all of Sherry's classes, this one was great fun and her patterns are a dream to make. I always learn something new with Sherry and this time it was the use of texture paste. That's what makes her hair. I have to admit, what you see here is the third attempt using texture paste for hair. First lesson learned, texture paste is heavy and if you try to do the whole head at once, the neck begins to sag from the weight. The really cool thing is I got to use skills I picked up at a cake decorating class more than 30 years ago! Goes to show, nothing learned is ever wasted...

The second class was Jean Bernard's wings class. I've got to warn you, this one is addictive!! Watching the colors burn in, playing with alcohol inks, embellishing to my hearts content! This is what heaven should be like!

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  1. She turned out darling! I love the colors you used and her face is just adorable!! :o)