Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sculpting with Marilyn Radzat

I am taking an on-line sculpting class with Marilyn Radzat over on "A is for Artistic"

I'm probably never going to be great at clay sculpting, but I enjoy the challenge!!  We are using "ProSculpt" which is a polymer clay.  As far as polymers go, I like it better than Sculpy, but I am remembering why I went to paperclay.  I have hot hands. Funny I always thought they were cold, but when I handle clay they heat right up!   Meaning, after just a few minutes clay becomes soft and squishy and impossible to mold.  So I'm learning to keep my hands away from my sculpt as much as possible and work in 15 minute increments.  I've also kept my studio at 65 degrees, which seems to help a bit.

This class is sculpting head and hands and painting them.  I've also signed up for the follow-on class, which will complete the figure, rising from a seashell.  Right now I'll consider it a sucess if I figure out the correct place to put the ears and how to get 2 the same size...

ATCs, I've been remiss

I've been remiss in not posting about the ATCs I received in the December ATC swap.  So here you go:

Here is "Sweet Temptation" by Lynn Parker and "Mountain Glistening" by Heather Mentzer.  Both include seed bead details and terrific layered backgrounds.
the Pink Lady is by Jeane Walker-Sliney, a great example of using tiny scraps, and "Cutting Out a Love Nest" by Sanna, which tells a whole story in its layers.

The unamed piece on the left, by Donna Jones, is made up of different textures and has a very rich luxuriant feel.  "Seascape 7" by Deborah Bonner has fiber trapped behind irridescent tulle and real seashells.  I wish I could get a better pic of this, it shimmers and glows so pretty!

I've also received cards from Maggie Diamante, Rachel Mcollough, and Satu Leinonen, but I need to retake the pics, so I'll post those later.

I've been swapping ATCs for a few years now and I find it a wonderful way to meet and remember other artists.  Its also a good use of scraps and practice pieces and a way to motivate when the muse just isn't speaking.  They'er simple, fast and fun!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Shelly doll is completed

In September I was lucky enough to take a class with Shelly Thornton on needlesculpting heads.  I usually don't complete a class piece, preferring it to work as a learning tool, but this little girl spoke to me, and so I created patterns for the body and worked away.  Four months later... well she was worth it, I'm very pleased!  Just found out Shelly is teaching hands, boots and ribbons at NIADA next September.  Think I'll take the class and do this again!  Let me know what you think of her.