Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Basic Beaded Cabochon Part 2

Step 1: Apply glue to the back of your cab. Do not go to the very edge of the cab, but stop a little way in. This will keep the glue from spreading outside the cab and making it difficult to sew the first row of beads. Press Cab onto backing material. If any glue escapes, clean up immediately. Let cab dry and check that cab is secure to backing.

Step 2: Thread needle with beading thread as long as you can comfortably manage. Knot end of single thread and bring needle up from back of backing material close to the edge of the cab. String on four (4) beads.

Step 3: Hold beads flat along side of cab and bring needle down through backing material at end of fourth bead. Don’t go in so tight that you bunch your beads up, they need to lay flat. Bring needle back up between the second and third bead and between your row of beads and your cab.

Step 4: Bring needle back through last two beads in group and string on four new beads. Snug beads up against the first set and bring your needle back down through your backing at the end of the fourth bead and come back up between the second and third bead of this set. Continue around the cabochon in this manner keeping your beads snug and flat

Step 5: It is important that your beads cover all the way around your cab, which means your last row may be fewer than four beads. Add as many as necessary coming back up through at least two beads. If you have only added one bead that means you will be coming back up on the fourth bead of your last set. Bring your needle through all beads added and the first two beads on this round to bring your needle into position for the next row. At this point, if necessary, go back and carefully add glue along the back edge of your cab to make it more secure. Use a toothpick to apply glue and clean up any “accidents” immediately.
Part 3 to follow soon...

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