Monday, January 14, 2008

Basic Beaded Cabochon Part 4 (final)

Step 9: If you wish, more rows can be added at the base. Once you are done trim your base close to the stitching taking care not to clip any stitches! Add more thread if needed and add your finished backing, trimming both base and backing as evenly as possible

Step 10: To finish the edges you can use any embroider stitch you prefer, taking care to cover the edges completely. In the photo on the left, I’ve used a basic overhand stitch using 4 or 5 beads per stitch. A blanket stitch, Y stitch, or Lazy Daisy would work as well; just be sure to add enough beads that no thread appears.

In this photo I’ve used a scrumble stitch for the beginning of an ornate headpiece. I began by first coming back into my base peyote stitches for security, then added the three large blue beads in an overhand stitch. From the back, I picked up several seed beads and came back through the center bead then back down with more seeds. Back through my base row of peyote stitches to secure the weight, then to fill in the gap in the back and support the beads further I stitched a couple of overhand stitches with a seed – pearl – seed stitch. As a final touch I added a couple of tassels to the front of the scrumble, securing these into the peyote stitches on my base as well. I could finish in this manner around or simply match it on the other side for a stunning headpiece and finish the rest of the pendant with an overhand stitch of seed beads matching my base color

Step 11: To begin the pendant slide, center an even number of beads in peyote stitch into the base beads to the width you want your slide to be. Add a bead and bring your needle through the last bead in the previous row created. Continue your peyote stitch across, maintaining the same number of beads in each row. Create rows until you have enough rows to comfortably slide your neck cord into.

Attach the slide to the back of the pendant by taking tiny stitches into the back of your base fabric and back into the last row of beads across. As this area will take a great deal of stress, further strengthen by stitching through a bead then through both base fabrics and into a bead in the original base row of your beading and back through to the back of the pendant. Continue in this manner until you feel your slide is comfortably secure then knot off your thread inconspicuously into the fabric along side the slide. Run your needle between the two base fabrics a short distance coming out and clipping the thread so your tail is buried. Slide onto your neck cord and enjoy.


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