Monday, May 18, 2009

This past weekend was spent doing my favorite things with my favorite people; we had Adele Sciortino come to the Textile Tarts to teach her wonderful Creative Costuming class. An intense two days selecting colors and fabrics and trims (decisions, decisions) making flowers (more decisions), playing with angilina fiber and tyvek and Shiva paintsticks (yet more decisions), then draping and shaping and taking it all off again (I have committment issues - actually it is all those dang decisions!), and of course, running around seeing what everyone else was doing. Day 2 I was there extra early to begin anew and I was not even close to the first to arrive. Adele demo'd a number of really cool tools, which I HAD to own. I bought a tool to help make ribbon roses - in about half the time, a thread burner and a pleating mat - I've want one of those forever. Also some really cool material that, when sewed to your fabric and steam heated, shrinks and bubbles and textures the fabric in really cool ways. Yea, I'm sorry I'm not unpacked yet, but Adele has all these cool thing on her website ( & at least she said she did, I don't dare go look, at least not until next payday! More pics below - enjoy -

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